Picknick Dress by The Eli Monster

Around Christmas, I was shopping at my favorite local children’s consignment shop and ran across the cutest little Ralph Lauren dress in plaid.  I looked for a similar pattern, and even described it and asked around in sewing groups on Facebook, but couldn’t find anything that wouldn’t require a lot of modifications to get it just right.  Then, The Picknick Dress by The Eli Monster entered my life!  It had the same shaped bodice with ruffles on the neck and flutter sleeves.  I just couldn’t resist.






I’d like to note, at this point in the pictures, that this lovely, sweet child spent a solid 10 minutes screaming and throwing herself on the ground in this 11 minute photo shoot.  She was not having it.  Then the clouds parted, just for a few seconds, and she posed like nobody’s business.  She quickly returned to the tantrumming and was whisked back into her stroller and off to the next activity.  =)  Little people with big feelings can be challenging to work with.



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