Best Dressed Girl Romper mix by Little Lizard King

The Best Dressed Girl pattern by Little Lizard King has long been one of my top five favorite patterns.  I cannot resist the bodice ruffles.  Must sew all the bodice ruffles.  But my baby girl looks so sweet in rompers over diapers right now.  Sweet little perfectly chunky legs showing in the summer.  Another thing I just cannot resist.  So I combined the Best Dressed Girl bodice with the Shortcake Romper and came out with a fun patriotic outfit to last us through the summer.

Best Dressed Romper007

Best Dressed Romper008


I chose to put a double ruffle on to the Best Dressed Girl bodice, though I probably won’t do that again.  It was really hard to get the seams trimmed down enough to make the front neckline flat.  Next time, I would put bias tape on a single ruffle to get two colors going on.  Lesson learned.


Best Dressed Romper006


I also modified the back button closure.  Janie Lou, another pattern from Little Lizard King, has fun loop closures for the buttons, and I used that idea here instead of traditional button holes.  I used stretchy elastic loops to make the button closing faster for wonder woman here.  =)


Best Dressed Romper003

We love the end result.  So cute.  Comfy enough to throw sticks and run and swing with the big brothers while watching fireworks this summer.


Best Dressed Romper009


Best Dressed Romper002

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Picknick Dress by The Eli Monster

Around Christmas, I was shopping at my favorite local children’s consignment shop and ran across the cutest little Ralph Lauren dress in plaid.  I looked for a similar pattern, and even described it and asked around in sewing groups on Facebook, but couldn’t find anything that wouldn’t require a lot of modifications to get it just right.  Then, The Picknick Dress by The Eli Monster entered my life!  It had the same shaped bodice with ruffles on the neck and flutter sleeves.  I just couldn’t resist.






I’d like to note, at this point in the pictures, that this lovely, sweet child spent a solid 10 minutes screaming and throwing herself on the ground in this 11 minute photo shoot.  She was not having it.  Then the clouds parted, just for a few seconds, and she posed like nobody’s business.  She quickly returned to the tantrumming and was whisked back into her stroller and off to the next activity.  =)  Little people with big feelings can be challenging to work with.



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Paige Dress Pattern by Violette Field Threads

I’m such a sucker for ruffles on the bodice of a dress.  So sweet and feminine.  I cannot help myself but to make ALL of the ruffle bodice dresses.  So the Paige dress from Violette Field Threads called to me.  And I’m glad it did.  =)

My husband, Drew, is a web designer.  He’s got an artistic eye for things that is far superior to mine.  So I asked him for help finding some Matilda Jane-ish fabrics that didn’t exactly match, but went together.  He says this is his favorite dress that I’ve made for the baby girl out of all of them!  That’s a lot of dresses.


Lots of photos on this one.  We had such a pretty day going on in a field near my house.


The sweet flutter detail and square neckline.


The zipper makes this dress much easier to get on a squirmy toddler than buttons.





I think she likes it, too.  Circle skirt twirls are so fun!


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Baby Chloe by Simple Life Pattern Company

Leggings are a favorite of mine. For me and for this little lady. Under dresses and tunics, not as pants! ;) Add ruffles and they are even better!

Several expensive clothing companies for little girls sell ruffled leggings, but I just couldn’t bring myself to purchase $30 baby pants that would probably get holes in them in 30 minutes.  Enter the Baby Chloe legging pattern by Simple Life Pattern Company.

baby chloe001

Loving ruffles the way I do, I added more fabric length to these ruffles, making them fuller.  They are made of a very stretchy cotton lycra fabric that I bought years ago from Chez Ami.

baby chloe003

So comfy, so stretchy, and so cute!

baby chloe005

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Angelica Pattern by Jilly Atlanta

Jilly, being in Atlanta, caught my attention.  Her patterns are a little different from the norm, perhaps a bit more boho.  I looked through them and picked my favorite, the Angelica.





I had heard of French seams before Jilly Atlanta, and had put one in a baby carrier long ago for strength, but I was pleasantly surprised at Jilly Atlanta’s use of them.  Every single seam was enclosed.  Every single one!  I don’t have kiddos with sensory issues, but before kids I was a special ed teacher and I know that a scratchy seam can ruin a little one’s day.


Angelica is a sweet little woven top with a side button in the neckline.  That side button closure splits the flutter sleeve on one side.  The directions in this pattern are more detailed than average, which makes it harder to make mistakes.




I really enjoyed making this top and look forward to putting my baby girl in it when the weather warms up!





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Finn Top by Blaverry

My next sewing project is this fun little number, the Finn top by Blaverry.  Perfect for a little lady on the move.  I’ve seen so many drop-waist skirts sewn on to shirts, but the shape of this one is so unique.


Finn by Blaverry009




Not your typical rectangle, but a curved, flirty skirt that’s a bit longer in the back.  I love it!


Finn by Blaverry005

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Kailua Town Dress Pattern – Product Photography

Life here at DLP has been incredibly busy since baby #3 was born. More parenting, hugging, singing, schooling, cooking, less photography business. Though I still take shoots when I can fit them in! =)


Also more sewing in the evenings, as a creative outlet to help me keep my sanity. Having a girl to sew for makes sewing so much more interesting (and pretty) than the boy sewing ever was!


Recently I’ve been helping pattern designers test their products and taking photos for promotion. The photos are such fun that I thought I would start blogging them here.


Up first is the Kailua Town Dress by Little Lizard King. This is an incredibly quick and easy pattern that combines a knit top with a woven skirt.  I used black interlock and a plaid flannel.


kailua town dress006

The skirt is a bubble with a double ruffle.


kailua town dress001

Confession… I’ve never appreciated a bubble skirt before, but add the ruffles and suddenly I want to make more!


kailua town dress004

The knit top has a lovely, feminine neckline and a bit of a curve so that the skirt hits a bit higher in the front.


kailua town dress007

Look at the cuffs on the sleeves, too. Aren’t they pretty and long?


kailua town dress010

Love this design.


kailua town dress011



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Piedmont Park Family Photography

Piedmont Park Family Photography


Ethan was tiny the last time we met.  Now he’s a quick-moving big brother with a pretty little sister.  It is fun to see families change and grow and love each other.  Piedmont Park is gorgeous for playing in the fall.  Thank y’all for inviting me back to document your sweet and silly family.


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Family Photography in Buckhead

buckhead family photography

This weekend I spent time getting to know Meyer, his sweet parents, and his super-friendly dog, Emma.  Meyer is on the move and has the cutest very-much-a-boy laugh when he gets going.  Even Emma got dressed up in her best red collar for the occasion.  Thanks for letting me spend the morning with y’all!

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One Year Old Photos Atlanta

one year old photos alpharetta

Has it been a whole year already since Caroline was born? Now she’s the happiest little thing you ever will see, scooting about in her pretty pink smocked dress and fluffy pink tutu with sass for her one year old photos. We found a fun spot in Alpharetta to explore with her big brother.


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