Angelica Pattern by Jilly Atlanta

Jilly, being in Atlanta, caught my attention.  Her patterns are a little different from the norm, perhaps a bit more boho.  I looked through them and picked my favorite, the Angelica.





I had heard of French seams before Jilly Atlanta, and had put one in a baby carrier long ago for strength, but I was pleasantly surprised at Jilly Atlanta’s use of them.  Every single seam was enclosed.  Every single one!  I don’t have kiddos with sensory issues, but before kids I was a special ed teacher and I know that a scratchy seam can ruin a little one’s day.


Angelica is a sweet little woven top with a side button in the neckline.  That side button closure splits the flutter sleeve on one side.  The directions in this pattern are more detailed than average, which makes it harder to make mistakes.




I really enjoyed making this top and look forward to putting my baby girl in it when the weather warms up!





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