What should we wear?
Pick a couple of colors you like and go with them.
Grey and red, navy and mustard, brown and pink, and neutrals all look great.
Girls tend to look more feminine in dresses.
We like the look of families that have their outfits coordinating rather than matching identically.  This lets personalities shine through clothes.
Layers are great.  Add a sweater, some boots, a scarf, or some funky tights.
Avoid logos, words, and pictures that take attention away from sweet little faces. Solids with occasional stripes, plaids, and floral patterns look much better. Families dressed in solids with one person standing out with a bolder pattern are fun.
Find some fun shoes.  Having the whole family wear converse, cowboy boots, or bare feet for family portraits can add a dimension of togetherness.
Stay comfortable.  If you or your children are wearing something tight/itchy/hard to keep in place, the level of discomfort will show in the family photos.  As a photographer I won’t be able to mask it.
Consider bringing a couple of choices if you are unsure.  I am happy to help you pick what will look best in the Atlanta family photography setting of your choosing.
Also, if you give me ages of children I can help you do shopping by sending suggestion links.  Just ask me.  I want to help your family look its best!


How long is the session?
My atlanta family and baby photography sessions usually last around an hour.  Though sometimes children can’t quite handle an entire hour and melt down sooner.  No worries!  I photograph lots of little ones and I’ve got a quick trigger finger.  I’m also easy-going and can sense when I need to put down my camera and just take some time to get a child comfortable with me before he or she will let down his/her guard.


When will my photo session be available?
I try to get everything finished within 3 weeks.  Three weeks allows me time to edit each individual image so that the color is just right and the black and white conversions are magnificent.


How many images will my photo session contain?
At least 30.


Can you make some of my family photography pictures black and white?
I LOVE converting photos to black and white.  I’ll do it automatically with every portrait session.  Unless you ask me not to.  =)


What if it rains?
I try hard to keep an eye on the weather for the day of a family portrait shoot. Though the weather here in Atlanta is much more unpredictable than I’ve experienced anywhere else!  If it looks like it might rain, I’ll try to keep in touch with you during the day leading up to the portraits session. We’ll reschedule if it looks like the weather is going to be too wet.  Unless, of course, you are up for some giggling family photography in the rain!


When do I pay for our family portrait session?
$500 is due within a week of booking the portrait session.  You can pay with a credit card online or mail a check.  The remainder of the fee is due the day of the session.


What should I bring?
Props are always fun!  Quilts, flowers, pinwheels, tricycles, horses, vintage toys, games, paper airplanes, a guitar, pretty apples, or a number of other fun props can give your family photography session a unique look.  Props can also keep children entertained and switch up the mood of the session.  Be sure to let Ellie know if you have a certain look in mind.  She can help you plan for the best family portrait session ever!


I love the look of these portraits with props, but i have no idea what to bring.  Can you help?  
I sure can help!  I’ve got tons of ideas, both things that I’ve shot before (and might have props left over from!) and things that look like fun but that I’ve never tried. I’ll ask you about what your children might like and we’ll work from there.  I want your family portrait session to be really fun for them, because kids having fun make the sweetest faces.