Atlanta Family Photography

So you want to take some family photos… And obviously you care about how they look or you wouldn’t be searching for a professional photographer. What if the family photo shoot could actually be fun for your children? What if it could be a giant play-fest where they giggle and wiggle and not a boring, stuffy, sit-still-fest? What if you could have the pictures done, then get them all home and take your time deciding which ones you like the best instead of being pressured into choosing your favorite photo the first time you see them in a high-pressure sales meeting? Show your mama and your best friend before you decide? And, what if you could download them all immediately after they are edited, instead of waiting for them to be mailed to you? If you’ve been wishing for a better family photography experience in the north Atlanta area, Dearly Loved photography just might be your dream come true. We do ALL of this!