i’m ellie.
i adore kids.
i have a masters degree in special education which i used to teach autistic pre-k before my boys were born.
i have been a professional photographer for 6 years.  i’ve shot about 100 weddings and tons of family and baby photography in atlanta.
i live in a house full of boys.  i’ve gotten used to the random tackling.
i think tutus are acceptable everyday attire.  and bare feet.  (except in the winter up here.  where i’m from in florida we didn’t have winter so feet could always be bare.)
i’d pick a good steak over chocolate any day.
i made my wedding dress.
when my boys laugh, it sounds like little bells ringing.  that’s my favorite sound.
i can ride a horse like nobody’s business.  i grew up on a cattle ranch.
i’m a practical joker.  watch out.
i’d always rather be outside than in.
i love to read.  i’m assuming that one day when my babies are older i’ll have time to read things that don’t rhyme again, but i’m enjoying dr. suess while i’m at this stage.
i love irises.  and milk.
my boys wear cloth diapers that i made for them.
i can pick up small things with my toes.  they are like monkey toes.
i love thunderstorms.
i’ve always been jealous of people who can wiggle their ears.  if you can teach me the secret, i’ll give you an atlanta family photography session for free.
it took the birth of my own children for me to understand how much God loves me.  i didn’t know that sort of love was even possible.  my mission in taking amazing photos of you is that you will get a small glimpse of how amazingly beautiful you are in the eyes of Jesus.  so crazy beautiful that He would die to rescue you.